Voting has closed! Thank you to all University of Iowa undergraduate students for voting! We look forward to serving you in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

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Our Mission:


Welcome to the University of Iowa Surge Party Student Government ticket website. Thanks for stopping by. 


Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Hira Mustafa and Heath Schintler are running for University of Iowa student government President and Vice President. With years of experience in various student organizations and student government, Hira and Heath look forward to leading the Surge ticket in the race for student government and hope to get the chance to represent YOU this 2018-2019 academic year.



student organization involvement

Our members represent the University as a whole by having individuals involved in 100+ student organizations. Everything from Homecoming Council to Best Buddies to Lecture Committee! 



new student perspectives on our team for student government

16 students with previous experience in student government, combined with fresh new perspectives creates a one-of-a-kind team.



 ticket members

16 incredible men. 16 exceptional women. Equality starts with equal representation. 



Platform at a glance

We have a ton of awesome initiatives addressing a wide range of student issues we will address during our student government terms. Want an in depth look or just have time for a quick glance through? Either way, look below!


surge ticket member:

My life experience shapes every single thing I do, from interacting with other students, faculty and staff, to participating and engaging in the political process...I fight every single day to make sure the community I create and am a part of is inclusive and works towards a better future.

-Javon Stovall



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