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Hira Mustafa

for University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government President.

My experience...


Resident Assistant

Being a Resident Assistant (RA) for the past two years and overseeing the new Political Matters Living Learning Community this year has opened my eyes to the immense diversity of needs, passions, and experiences that each student brings to the University of Iowa. In this position, I have honed my skills to advocate for each of my residents and to work with them one-on-one to help develop and give them the skills and resources to become successful students that they are personally proud of.  

My position as an RA will directly correlate into my position as student body president recognizing that the University of Iowa is not just a whole entity, but rather, composed of individual students and communities that make shape our university. By having years of experience of referring students to resources on campus has also given me direct insight into what is lacking and remains an obstacle to students to gain the support they require.  I am excited to use this experience as a way to help better the University of Iowa to ensure that each and every student feels supported and have confidence that there will always be at least one person who will genuinely listen and advocate for their concerns with empathy and enthusiasm.


UISG Health and Safety Director

During the last year, I have had the incredible, yet humbling, opportunity to serve as the Director of Health and Safety for the University of Iowa Student Government. Understanding the serious mental illness epidemic that impedes student success, I’ve worked alongside various university staff, faculty, and University community members to change university absence policies to permit mental health as a valid absence. I also organized “It’s On Us” week in order to bring awareness and address the issue of sexual assault on campus. Additionally, I led a social media campaign to spread awareness about student food insecurity and promote the Food Pantry at Iowa.

Throughout my last two years as a member of the University of Iowa Student Government, I have developed a sincere passion for representing and serving our undergraduate student body. The relationships that I’ve developed with so many students across campus has given me great insight into the issues that our students face. I have also developed invaluable connections with university administrators, faculty, and staff, understanding both their concerns and considerations in terms of student issues. It’s through these relationships and firsthand experiences that we have established a comprehensive platform and environment that will allow us to bridge the gap between the university and our students; in turn, surging forward and giving each and every student their own voice.


Other Involvements

I have been part of several different student organizations during my time at Iowa which has given me an in depth understanding of students and their needs on campus. My current and previous leadership roles and involvements include: Parade Director of Homecoming Executive Council, South Asian Student Alliance, Muslim Student Alliance, Paperback Rhino (improv troupe), Walk-It-Out Cultural Fashion Show, Homecoming Executive Council, Women in Business, Head Counselor for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference, Council on the Status of Women, the President's Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct, and the Campus Climate Subcommittee to oversee the 2017 Speak Out survey.

vice president 

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Heath Schintler

for University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government Vice President.

My experience...

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President of Undergraduate Council, Delta Tau Delta Int’l Fraternity

I have served on the Undergraduate Council since September 2016, and as President since June 2017. In my role, I have the pleasure of representing my 10,000 undergraduate Brothers to the executive body of our Fraternity. Having a voice and a vote on decisions that impact Delts across the nation is a massive responsibility, but I am proud of the choices I have made and the work I have contributed. I firmly believe this experience has adequately prepared me for the role of Vice President, in which I will once again be asked to assess decisions that have an impact far beyond myself. 

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Hawkeye Guide, University of Iowa Orientation

My time with Orientation is one of the most influential experiences of my college career. Being a Hawkeye Guide allowed me to visit student issues on campus at their very root, and also allowed me to work 1-on-1 to resolve them with students in my group. At the same time, I was given a platform to share everything I love about this campus and this community, and it granted me an opportunity to push students to take advantage of resources and organizations that could positively contribute to their collegiate success. As Vice President, I will use my platform to amplify the voices of others on campus, to streamline students abilities to access resources, and fight everyday for the needs of those on campus. 

our top 3 Priorities...

Tuition Affordability

As the cost of higher education has risen across the nation, Iowa has previously been a champion of stable and equitable tuition. However, recent developments within the state and the university have placed many students at financial risk in pursuing an education. Maintaining affordable tuition is an utmost priority, and we we will work day and night to make it happen.

Accessibility to UISG (While Empowering Others to Create Change on Campus)

Although some improvements have been made in the past few years, UISG still struggles with a disconnect from the student body. Instead of distance, we want to actively seek student support and engagement, while also providing tools for students to create the change they want to see on campus. We won’t just be here to work for you, we’ll be here to work with you.

Eradicating Helplessness

We envision an Iowa campus in which everyone is aware of and feels comfortable utilizing the resources they need to make themselves successful students. Whether it's connecting to existing resources, or creating those that don't yet exist, we are dedicated to ensuring students know exactly who and where to go for help.